If there is one thing that I would go back to the sunny state of Florida for, it is the Cocoa Beach apartments and the Cocoa Beach itself. Florida is mostly known because of its world-class theme parks and resorts as well as the adventure that is to be had at the Everglades National Park. After you have experienced all of these thrills however, there seems to be nothing else that the Sunshine State has to offer. That is what I thought until I was fortunate enough to have a chance to experience the wonderful beaches of Florida.


Florida Beaches

Cocoa Beach ApartmentsFlorida is known worldwide for its famous beaches and resorts. Being located at the south-eastern most part of the United States, the state is home to beaches and waterways that tourists from all over the world go to Florida for. It has the longest coastline among all cities in the United States that runs an approximate of one thousand three hundred and fifty miles. Two of the most famous beaches in Florida and in the United States for that matter are the South Beach and Key West. Another beach that also tops this list is none other than the small and unique Cocoa beach.


Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is a small but homey and unique beach that is located at the central east coast of Florida. Its length runs at only about six miles and the width of the beach is only about half a mile wide. I find that the people of this community are all very simple and down-to-earth, and all they want is to enjoy what nature has given them and let other people share that experience as well. Thanks to a small community that is home to only a few thousand people, Cocoa Beach is now able to play host to over two million tourists every year.


Cocoa Beach Apartments and Amenities

Cocoa Beach ApartmentsThere are many accommodations to choose from if you wish to spend a day or even a week on this lovely beach. The first thing I noticed about these accommodations for rent is the fact that they are all very modest and yet live up to quality standards that people from all over the world can appreciate. If you stay at one of these apartments at Cocoa Beach, you will be entitled to enjoy the beach, an outdoor heated Olympic size pool, and a 27-hole golf-course that the public can enjoy. There is also an outdoor tennis court, as well as water sports and land adventure amenities. Whether you want to go on a boat ride or if you want to have a hike around the beach, all these options will be available at Cocoa Beach.


Cost of Cocoa Beach Apartments

Given the prime location and amenities that are available at Cocoa Beach, I was surprised to find that the rates for the accommodations were not as high as I expected. Actually, there are the high end ones, but there are also the more reasonable ones that are also at par with the more expensive resorts. I suggest that you arrange your bookings ahead of time so that you get the best rates available for Cocoa Beach apartments.